Week #3 Our Father Who Are’t in Heaven

Looking Up Matters
Silver Linings? Hmmmm. Idk

When you have time read this passage. We will focus on it this week. John 15:1-15

“I am the true vine, and My Father is the vineyard keeper.”

What does it mean to have a Father who is in Heaven? He is the vineyard keeper. What does this mean? How you think about this will help you to know who God is. The identity of God the Father “shapes the way you think and respond to opportunities responsibilities and temptations of everyday life.”

Today consider what a vinedresser is. Have you ever worked in the yard or thought about growing something? God is growing YOU. How is God working in your everyday circumstances to grow you upward and toward Him?

Father- Use the circumstances of my life to help me to know you better. I give my thoughts to you that I may take up my responsibilities and opportunities you have for me.

Quote is from: New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp

For more: E. Radmacher talks about Vinedressers

This week we will look at the blog by Randall Smith, The Wandering Shepard has “Five Works of the Vinedresser”    This blog is a rich resource of truth you can count upon.

M: God Wants us to Bear Fruit! Read the blog Work #1 “GOD HAS THE RIGHT TO ADJUST YOUR POSITION IN LIFE TO GET YOU TO PRODUCE WELL.” We do not have to be afraid of God moving us to bear fruit. He loves us.

T: God will Prune us to help us to Produce. Read the blog Work #2 “Branches that know that fruit bearing is the POINT, see the pruning as an act of help and assistance.”

W: God removes those dead and useless branches. They use up our strength! Read the blog Work #3  “Each generation needs to be approached with timeless truth but ever-flexing methodology to persuade them of God’s love and their need for surrender.”

Th: God loves to receive honor for our Abundance of Fruit! You can bring God honor. You can delight God!  Read the blog Work #4. “God is glorified by our fruit bearing. ”

F: God loves His Vine! Read the blog Work #5. “Jesus is the Vine.” “In Him we move and live and have our being.” (Acts 17:28) Even when God is about Himself, His Glory, it is ALWAYS on our behalf and for our GOOD.

Fill your heart with praise each morning as you study being a branch in His Vine.

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