Building Deliberate Thinking

Do you let your mind think whatever comes to you?  What if the essence of being overwhelmed with sadness is built on allowing whatever thoughts come into our heads to move freely, unchecked.  Consider deliberate thinking.  God has actually freed us to choose our thoughts; thereby, equipping us with the powerful tools to set our minds, feelings, and actions.

Mind Under Construction 1
Digging Up

Last summer a group of us went to Central Europe.  Building was going on everywhere.  Large pieces of equipment were digging, hauling, moving, and just plain constructing everywhere we went.

Cranes Moving Stuff
Moving Stuff

The people of Europe went about their daily routines not allowing the construction to be too much of a disruption.  We also can reconstruct our thinking patterns without interrupting our daily lives.  Even though we are digging up old thoughts of resentment, or moving unfaithful thoughts to the trash bin, we can remain on our daily course tending to our jobs and staying on task.  We may need a bit of a break, a time alone to adjust our minds, but we must be deliberate about this as well.  Maybe we need to awake a little earlier or forgo a television program or stay up 30 minutes later to arrange for moments of thought reconstruction.  The people of Germany rearranged their routes to accommodate the building up of their community.  So, must we on occasion do the same to BUILD UP correct thinking.

Dug Up
Buried Stuff

Whatever we need to do, being deliberate in our thinking can help us throughout our entire being.  Deliberation over truthful thoughts, versus those that are buried lies causing us problems is a powerful course of action.  What thoughts of worthlessness and “unlove” or disdain are paralyzing our progress today?  Do we need to take some time, just a few moments, to dig up or remove, trash, or relocate, some of our thoughts today?  Let’s make a pact today not to allow negativity to wander about in our minds unfettered, bullying us, distracting us or immobilizing us.  Kick them out!  Here.  Take this crane: 2 Corinthians 10:5-6,

We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ, being ready to punish every disobedience, when your obedience is complete.

Now, let us deliberately construct good thinking so we can move forward with confidence in all we have to do, for all those we love, being equipped to worship with our lives. 

For more on the power of controlling our thoughts, click on the titles below each of my photographs.  Each links readers to more details for building better thinking.

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