Ask for… but BE Content

Yesterday I posted about asking for what we need from God, especially the significant and most basic needs we have.  This truth really functions in the realm of all communication.  It is effective with our friends, spouses, children, and parents, anybody.  Asking for what we need is viable in every area of our lives, not only with God, but with everyone, all the time.

Asking our small children to sit quietly, is good.

Asking for someone to respect a boundary, is good.

Asking for the dog to come, is good.

Asking for…

is good.

HOWEVER, we can only expect the quiet, respect, or obedience, etc … if we understand that the will of another is involved in any given situation.  Therefore, we must be content at the same time we ask.  Our emotions play an important role in how we ask and, of course, WHY we ask for whatever.  When we ask we must be able to think of ourselves in the request and the person from whom we make the request.

What if we can’t be calm or thoughtful?  Maybe we should wait?

But, communicating at some time is important!

Ask for good things, it is key.

Communicate What you Need to Others
Communicate What you Need to Others

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