Meditation and Mind Traps

Meditation is a quandary to me.  My mind can be a sort of dangerous and self destructive place, so it can be a scary activity to allow my mind to wander.  I have been taught for years that meditation, of the yoga variety, can allow thoughts into our minds that lead to self absorption/destruction.  However, I don’t think that has to be the case.  For instance, a friend of mine recently was recommended to enter into meditation for a day without judging the thoughts that came into her mind.  This uncensored kind of meditation could be dangerous if you don’t keep your thoughts straight and focused.  But, my friend knew how to allow some thoughts to, “take up space” in her mind and to block other more destructive thoughts from having any room.  Truthfully, meditation from a biblical perspective is a healthy way to straighten tangled thoughts.

The discipline can help us when the desert of our minds becomes parched.

Parched Land
Parched Land

Or aid us when our minds become muddled with too much untended stuff.

Mediation is often thought to be a discipline for those who practice the more eastern religions.  But, the Bible says MEDITATION is an important part of our mental health.  Our meditation can be an eternal investment when focused upon His Supreme Goodness, as in Psalm 19:14 ESV Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.

Meditation is important for the development of our soul.  At this link there are some practical steps to clearing our thinking:

As long as we don’t try to shut God out of our thoughts and remain focused upon His presence, His goodness, our thoughts will be clearer, and more sustainable.  As we focus on God in our meditations we are lead to remove the poisonous and self absorbed thinking which cripples.  This concentration of good things enables us to walk more uprightly, rather than stooped over with the weight of heavy thoughts (or negative).  Loving God with our thoughts does not bind us up, but frees us to breath a little easier.  It brings refreshment to the land of our parched and cluttered minds.


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  1. I agree with your comments on meditation. In the early church and down through the centuries there has been much wisdom found in contemplative holy orders. Contemplative prayer is much like meditation for me. I also receive much from Lectio Divina. Lectio divina is a slow, contemplative praying of the Scriptures. It is actually easier for me as I have ADD and my mind never shuts up. Also similar to what you wrote Jenna, my mind is like a dangerous neighborhood… it’s not safe to go in there alone. All the same meditation is very important to my walk with Christ.

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