Choices and Thinking Straight

Our society has become based upon the individuals “right to choose.” The right to choose what you say? The right to choose absolutely everything. Is there anything in life for which we cannot choose? What about genetic disposition? or the geographic location in which we are born? or whether we are born or not? What about our parents? We don’t choose them. Can we choose who we love? or our personality? You know where I am heading, don’t you?

What thoughts can we choose to have? Can we choose to love a job we hate? Can we choose to fall in love with our spouse after the sparks have flown out the window? Can we choose NOT to be angry with our kids when they destroy something irreplaceable? How about when we loose someone we love deeply, can we choose to continue to have hope in this life? Can we choose hope when our thoughts are tangled?

Expanse of Peace
Expanse of Peace

Here is what I believe:

We can choose peaceful thoughts. Look at God’s Word in Isaiah, 26:3 “You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You.” These words imply receipt of the gift. Peace of mind, not as the world gives peace, but Real Peace. We can reach out ourselves to take that Peace and let it rule our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Everyday is a battle for our minds. Everyday we must remain vigilant over our thoughts. Today let us take captive every thought that is against us. Let us keep our minds on Him, not allowing even 1 thought to go unconsidered. Sanity is a heart full of the Peace Jesus gives. So, let no trouble get to your heart by keeping your mind on God.

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