My Pet Grass…

What's Up With Grass?
What’s Up With Grass?

Nothing makes my husband angrier  than for me to talk about my admiration for one of our neighbors grass.  Isn’t that so funny?  Caring for the grass of others, it is so funny!

When we lived in our former house, grass was a minimal priority.  School, children, survival, these were our focus, not grass.  Never grass.  So, I had a mantra, “rich people have grass.”  I have a new one now that I am a grandmother, have a good job and a smaller yard:

Grass is an expensive PET!

Think through this with me.  You have to feed it, water it, treat it for pests.  You have to pamper the blasted stuff!  Why?  Maybe concrete would be better?

After thinking through this idea about grass and yard maintenance, I have decided that bright greenness is a lovely way of caring for our neighbors.  It is costly, but caring for the blasted stuff says, “I love you neighborhood! I am invested in our home and in your’s and in our neighborhood.”  As long as yards are about “the other” and not about “the ME,” I think they are a real witness of our care for others.

SO… Weed it. Seed it. Feed it. Cajole it. Water it.  Care for it till it is a greener green than you have EVER seen.  Love that grass, people!  For you will love your neighbor by doing so.

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  1. Cindy McMillion Avatar
    Cindy McMillion

    I love this 🙂 “Pet Grass” is a great title for it too! Reminds me of a piece I wrote once about neighborhood life:

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