Hold on!

On Hold

Hold it!

Hold it in

Hold over

Hold out

Hold off

Holds sway

Hold still

Hold up

Hold to

Hold the Moment
Hold the Moment

What we hold to, hold onto, really matters.  We can hold our thoughts, our tongue, our principles, our truth, our past, our love.  We can hold the good, the bad, the inevitable, the moment, the destruction, the despair, or the hope.

That which we hold to, hold onto, really matters.  It matters to our loved ones, to our employers, to our hearts, and to God’s heart.

Judgment is a form of holding something, it doesn’t always have to be negative.  For instance we can hold to a wise judgment that something is not for us to do, have, or enjoy.  Good judgment can be a POSITIVE, for sure.

In my case though, the idea of judgment is a negative one, a “holding onto” from which I needed to repent (Such an old-fashioned word. It means to turn away from, or to walk in the opposite direction), a self-righteousness that spawned contempt for others.

Here are some words from a book by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield, (The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert).  She was an English professor and pro-lesbian advocate WHOSE BOOK CHANGED MY MIND about homosexuality

“‘Homosexuality, she said, is a sin. In the same breath, she said homophobia is also a sin. Homosexuality, she said, is no worse of a sin than any other sin and PRIDE IS A BIGGER SIN.

But she said she believed her sexuality was based on pride, something she believed was a worse sin.

“We were proud,” she said. “We wanted to be autonomous from the God who made us. We were proud in our hearts and minds first, and our bodies followed.‘”

For many years I said the words, “Love the sinner, hate the sin.”  But, secretly, I held to my position of pride, hierarchy above those who live in homosexuality.  I held onto the way I felt in my heart as I looked down upon others. In my heart I was thinking, “You fool.”  After reading her book, I turned around and walked the other direction!  I let go of my pride, because pride is ALWAYS evil, even in a heterosexual granny or maybe especially.

The idea that changed my mind was that she said she wanted to repent of living her own life with no consideration of her Maker, the Lover of her soul.  Butterfield decided to live her life in true freedom and after reading it, I decided I needed to do the same.  I repented of allowing myself to think anything I wanted.  I repented of feelings I HELD onto.

All sin comes from holding onto whatever we want to.


Hold to Faith

Hold to the Good

Hold your opinion

Hold your tongue

Hold your moments


Do not Hold Your Judgments

it could make you sick.

Do not Hold Your Self-Righteousness

it could make you sick.

Do not Hold Your Forgiveness

it could make you sick.

Hold Onto One Another
Hold Onto One Another

Next post will be on Letting Go.

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