I love Edit UNDO! Honestly, mistakes-are-us is my business.  What I really enjoy is when I have deleted something that I needed to keep and then I get to go to Edit Undo that which I undid by mistake.  Win win!

Edit Undo!
Edit Undo!

Life seldom affords us an opportunity for edit-undo.  Sometimes though, if we are looking, we can notice the times when forgiveness comes or the consequences we deserve are suspended.  I am so grateful for those times.  I depend on them.

It is like the days when I paint and I must use the base color in my paintings to cover a place I didn’t intend.  In other words, the color of the background can be used to paint over a mistake.  I depend on the people around me to love me in the same manner.  Maybe I need to be more careful with those I love?  Paint within the lines of life more intentionally, doing less damage.

Maybe I need to love more intentionally, less haphazardly.  That way forgiveness is less constantly necessary.  Click the previous if you want to know what the bible says about loving with intention.

For Jesus, on the Cross there was no Undo.  Praise be to God!  His love was so intentional!  He became our eternal Edit-Undo. Though we will suffer earthly consequences of our actions, often reaping the seeds we have sown, there is no Karma with Jesus.  His Grace, His blood covers our sins.  The Father sees them no more because Jesus did ALL necessary for our sins to be undone.  Check out this great blog on the Redemptive Blood of Jesus.

I love the Edit Undo of Jesus in my life.

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