Words for Figuring Out How to Better Love Others

Life grows from relationships. Relationships create the narratives of our lives. Romances of all kinds lead to family and, family stirs conflict that can result in the knowledge of loving. But, what if we are mindlessly moving through the stories of our lives without connecting to the Designers intent. How do we know what is good or corrupt or healthy or broken in our relationships? Where does the knowledge of how to love come from?

Being a wife has always been hard for me. I am selfish- so selfish. Therefore, laying aside what I wanted, what I knew was right, a legitimate desire (or demand) for that moment, it was, and still is so difficult. But, I have NEVER regretted putting aside my desires for that of my husbands. He moves slowly. He thinks thoroughly. He, most often, is thinking of the long haul and the family good as a whole. My desires run more to the immediate, the rash, the spontaneous and often enormously risky. I have never regretted deferring to his wisdom, EVER.

Parenting, though difficult, was easier. It was easier for me to die to myself for my children, it came more naturally. Even so,

Studying the Macintosh
Studying the Macintosh

I am so grateful for Harold and Mary Fergus’ influence on my life, for their encouragement and for their example in loving as a spouse and a parent, and now as a grandparent. My parents also helped me understand that not all people see from the same platform. Just because we were in a family, memory was a flexible thing for each of us. Therefore, the narrative of each person in a family is fluid or ghostly.

Do you have mentors? Examples of the narrative? Examples of the well-functioning design for family or life-narrative?

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