Redeemable… A City?

Memphis is like a woman who has been abused and now kicked to the curb by many of her inhabitants.

Used by Permission of Phillip Van Zandt
Used by Permission of Phillip Van Zandt
Used by Permission of the Phillip Van Zandt
Used by Permission of the Phillip Van Zandt

What does it look like for someone to love her?

What does it look like to live forgiveness as a community?

We must do it with Words and Deeds!

Words are so powerful.  We can speak wisdom, goodness, unity, faithfulness, peace.  Or we can speak dissension, division, disagreement, and ultimately death.  The Bible says it this way,

Proverbs 18: 21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
And those who love it will eat its fruit.

Therefore, how we talk about this incident really matters:

10 teens, 1 adult charged in brutal Kroger parking lot attack

Do we say as I heard some of my friends today, “There is no hope… Nothing will change until Jesus comes again.”

We cannot give into cynicism! We MUST hold to our belief that God is Good and His goodness is for individuals and cities, even Memphis. It is imperative that we see, believe in, and speak the goodness of our city.  The city is redeemable, just as individuals are redeemable.  It comes through the same way an individual is rescued from evil and sin, one incident at a time.  Choosing to forgive those who would tear us apart.  Choosing to still help those who need.  Choosing to reject fear that can overpower our emotions allowing faith to move us beyond all that is logical or expected, all the way to sacrifice of pride, self-justification, and destruction.

Jesus reigns. Either He does or He doesn’t.  There is no in-between on this point.

Our Father, who are’t in heaven, Hollowed be Your name.

Thy KINGDOM come. Thy will be done on earth, in my life, in my city, as it is in heaven.

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Phillip Van Zandt Photography

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