Weeds, Weeds, & More Weeds


photo 1
Who knew 1 flower bed could yield so many weeds?

Weeds again.

Simply because they are so difficult to eradicate.  This flower bed is 6 feet long by 2 feet wide. Oh, I wish I had taken a before weeding picture!  It took me 2 hours to weed this flower bed and the smaller one below.  It is such a time-consuming occupation.  Preventative is the best medicine for such painful work.

Let’s draw a parallel.  If the weeds represent negative thoughts and habits that result from them, then it is vital that we follow some simple steps to avoid the pain of digging the bad stuff out of our minds, wills, and hearts.

1) Plant the good things.  Plant the Bible. Plant the truths that we know come from there.  If we grow what we know is best, then the worthless cannot grow up in our minds and hearts.

2) Pull up baby weeds immediately.  Big weed plants leave seed.  We must pull them up by rejecting these weed-thoughts, as quickly as possible.  We can’t let them root, grow, and leave seedlings or the bed will fill quickly with the fruit of our neglect.

3) Excusing them.  We must have NO MERCY upon the bad-thought weeds.  Each one, every lie, must be rooted up without giving in to laziness or sympathy.  Allowing them to grow along will only cause problems in the long run.  Weed quickly, without mercy.

Look At This BAG
Look At This BAG

The more we put off the mental and emotional work of drawing boundaries, finding our own repentance, and rooting out the causes of wrong thinking, the bigger our bag of weeds; and the longer and harder the work will be to eradicate the bad stuff of our life.  Being diligent to plant the good and mercilessly rip up the bad will help us live better… a little easier.  Putting off the weeding, as I did, only mucks up the flower beds and makes for a work heavy holiday.

Tear up the tares.

Just pull up all the unbelief.  Sow Belief into your being!  Belief is powerful and life-changing.


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