Blame: Sometimes There is No One

  • Bryants Breakfast
    Bryants Breakfast

    Bryant’s breakfast is one of the most incredible eateries in Memphis, Tennessee. Phil, the owner runs the place like a machine. On Saturday morning customers are lined up out the door and around the corner waiting to sample the fluffy biscuits and egg concoctions. breakfast at bryants

  • On the Saturday of the happening we were meeting a lady to pick up artifacts for my art clothesline. We had taken our crazy puppy, Gracie, and her loving mentor, Lacie with us after running them in the park. Gracie’s first outing was NOT successful. She was obstinate and uncooperative, much like my high school art students J
  • Of course, with all of these people at the restaurant the parking lot is FULL. Picking up the artifacts was a delightful experience which encouraged my heart. It didn’t prepare me for what was coming. Mike and I saved little bits of biscuit and eggs for our sweet patient puppies. Taking them to the car we noticed a man standing between our car and his car, which had a medium sized beagle, a black standard poodle, a white standard poodle, and a beautiful boxer. The car was really not very big, but the dogs were. The man said with a genuine smile, “Your babies were really barking at me as I parked. Thought we might have a dog fight on our hands.” His love for his doggie friends was apparent. He was backed in and he left all four windows down. We could tell he really loved his dogs. Mike told the man he really liked the boxer as the man headed in to have his breakfast. Then Mike started feeding the treats to Gracie and Lacie. Gobble gobble, and they were devoured. The poodles in the next car had their heads hanging out of the back window. “Don’t share any goodies with them, even if it is tempting.” Mike knew not to do that. He turned to speak to the sweet boxer in the front seat.Unknown-2
  • Boxer-boy stuck his head out the window as Mike turned toward him. Kisses, were on that puppies mind. Then the electronic window went up on the dog!!! He was crying and screaming. Mike was screaming and pushing the window down. I could see Mike’s panic. The scene was terrifying. The dogs body was slamming to and fro. His head was twisting around in a way that was unnatural as he tried to free himself from the choking glass. We knew Boxer-boy was going to choke to death.
  • I blazed past the line of customers and couldn’t get the restaurant door open. Finally opening the door, I yelled get the man with the dogs. I saw him by the other door. As I turned to run from the place back to the car, Mike had shoved his hand into the car unlocking the door and rolling down the window. POOR BOXER-BOY! He was scared, but alive. The dog owner had left the keys in the ignition with the car running. As the Boxer-boy stood on the door handle to kiss Mike, he had stepped on the electronic window button nearly choking to death.Mike and I were shaken for a long while after the incident. It could have been a real tragedy if the window had not been down enough for Mike to get his hand down in the car to roll down the window. We were so grateful!
  • Mike thought it was his fault that the dog was paying attention to him and caused him to step on the switch. The dog owner thought it was HIS fault for leaving the car on so that the button was operational. Whose fault was it? Do some things just happen! It wasn’t anyone’s fault, not Mike, not the owner. It just happened. Some things just do.
  • Why things happen?
  • Why DO bad things happen?

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