The Thing About Art…

Is the definition.

Here is the question: Why is defining Art important for us all?


Art is the most significant way humanity communicates about itself!

It is SO BIG!!

Art shared moves us to know one another. We find commonality with one another through the vast works of artists of history, cultures and the art of now, especially the Art of NOW. Art of the 21st century speaks largely and intricately of our ways. It asks as many questions as it answers. As we share over it with strangers, friends and those we love, we become more acquainted with ourselves. Art can explain our past with sorrows and joy. Art can give us hope for the future. Art, especially Art of the 21st Century, is for us all; it is an adventure! As you read through these pages, the hope is that you will discover common ground on which to enjoy something other than yourself. AND that we can begin to have a conversation around things that really matter.

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