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Egads! Defining ourselves is an impossible task in this complicated world.

There are many ways to think about or decide who we are. My take is this: I side with God on who He chose to make me. I don’t want anyone or any ONE thing about me to be a determinate of who I am. Well… except maybe the One who made me.

Focusing upon who I am in Christ has helped me to stay sane on days that Crazy threatened to drag me away. Keeping my heart centered on who He says I am has maintained strength at times that I should not have had any.

Anxiety is always lurking at the door growling at me from within.

Contempt for anything that disagrees with me stands blocking my path to peace.

Mental instability of many kinds grins from inside me when life seems to be nothing but a pit.


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Art is thanks to Grace Turner 2017

Death, not life, is often the thing that characterizes my days. Joy is often a joke.

Each of these statements is true unless I devote my attention to God’s Word, the Bible. When I keep my eyes on His definitions of me, my identity does not flow like sand. Therefore, I can STAND! Like on Rock, The Rock.

There will be more to come on my blog page regarding identity. Till then, here are some links to help you to establish your footing in what God says about YOU.

Who I am in Christ a chart by Neil Anderson.

Who I am in Christ a deeper understanding with Biblical references by Neil Anderson

Our Identity a sermon by Neil Anderson



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