The Forgiveness Gift

Mary, before India
Mary, before India

I am so grateful she forgave me, us.  I am so grateful she is learning to forgive and passing it to our grandchildren.

It is strange to raise children.  When they are vulnerable and small, we see the future in them.  They, on the other hand, see us as entities rather than people.  With both of our children we were consistently aware that we were sinning against them as we raised them.

One of the most leveling areas parents sin against their children is to implement situations and limitations in the child’s life for their own benefit, rather than for that of the child.  In parenting we lean toward comfort and convenience, rather than love and thoughtfulness.  This selfishness can barely be avoided!

Children watch as they are raised thinking, “I won’t do this. I won’t do that.”  Only to discover that they do things just as damaging to their own children as was perpetrated against them.  That is why the title of this post is The Forgiveness Gift.

The most effective gift a parent can give a child is the knowledge, application, and understanding of forgiveness.  Asking our children to forgive us when we are convicted of sin helps them to pass the skill and power of it to their own children.  BUT, it also equips them to live in a marriage and prepares them to forgive us when they find out we are not entities, but people, fallible people.

Click here for some steps for Forgiveness.

and this one tooooo! Joyce Myers knows the power of God’s Word, the Bible. 

Let us teach our children to forgive by learning to forgive one another.  It is part of the design and a powerful tool to living a whole and healthy life.

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