Let Go!

What do we hold onto?  Do we hold our forgiveness thinking that “they” do not deserve to be forgiven?  Do we hold onto our security, comfort, or stuff in ways that exacerbate our anxiety? LET GO!!! What if we hold onto something with such a selfish heavy grasp that we choke the life out of the thing?  Like Land!  What if our desire dries out because we won’t let it live?

Barren Land of Holding ON
Barren Land of Holding ON

What if we can’t let go of our demand to be right?  WAR? War in our homes.  War in our relationships.  War in our hearts. What if we must let go so the person on the other end can learn that our presence in the conflict is important?  Like when you teach a puppy to play tug-O-war.

Learn to Tug Well
Learn to Tug Well

I say, “Gracie, bring me a toy.” Then as I tug with her on the other end of the toy, I LET GO.  Gracie is so happy to have the toy, but she brings it back to me to play again.  She learns to tug well.  I learn the importance of letting go. What do you hold to today that you need to let go of? Something you want very badly?  An idea?  Your pride? (This pride-thing is usually what I hold onto.) Do you demand God do something for you?

LET GO!  Forgiveness let’s a thing go…

BUT, do not cease striving for the Gospel All Truth is Jesus.

Here is a blog on Tiny Buddha Blog I found interesting.  (Click the link)

I agree with what Lisa says about, “…being the creator of our own feelings.”  Her approach resonates with me.

REMEMBER:  HOLD the truth. Let Go of the remainder 🙂

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