Anger, Yes PLEASE!

This post is not a movie review. It is a ME review for all the world to see.

Kingsmen, The Secret Service
Kingsmen, The Secret Service

I had anticipated the movie for so many weeks.

From the first trailer I thought the movie would be like the 007-George-Lazerby-of-old spy movies.

So Perfect
So Perfect

But just before the villain commits an heinous act he states, “This is NOT one of…(blah blah blah)… those kinds of movies.”  I think this movie is an angry movie.  It is an expose’ of the human heart.  Like this:

Anger Uninhibited
Anger Uninhibited

At first, my christian sensibilities were truly offended that a church full of angry christians was being picked on by the author of the screenplay.  This scene is of a group of people in a church murdering one another violently, and our hero does NOT stand by and watch.  He participates.  At the end of the movie I commented to my friend, “Why did the writer select a church of fundamentalist christians for a mass murder scene?”  Then I considered, maybe  Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman were right to choose a church. We christians can be just like anyone else in the world.  I think ALL people are angry and a good litmus test of the human heart for anger is a fundamentalist group of what we today call, haters.

Allow me to explain the scene further without spoiling the movie for those who, regardless of reading my comments, will be driven to view it.  The villain has nano-technology that he gives away to everyone.  A FREE sim card inserted in phones allows FREE access to all usage of internet, etc.  After setting off a signal from the phones via the sim cards, chemicals rush to our brains removing all self control.  The result is the human race kills itself off.  Villainy at its best decides that the earth cannot sustain its population, therefore, he capitalizes on humanities anger by removing violence inhibitors so that people murder one another.

I was shaking by the end of the movie.  Not because of the violence, per say, but because of something it took several hours for me to process.  I AM ANGRY.  (click here for an answer)  More than just a little bit.  The thing that struck a deep cord in me is the fact that I would be among the murderers.  Violent thoughts live in my head… and in my heart.  In the car I sometimes think harsh murderous thoughts toward other motorists.  I think unforgiving thoughts toward my art students.  These come out as humor such as, “Mr. Gibson, I am seeing you bald right now.  I am so frustrated I have yanked out all of your beautiful hair.  Can you see yourself bald Mr. Gibson? It is not a pretty site.”  If my self-control mechanism were removed, then Mr. Gibson would indeed be bald or worse.

I KNOW IT IS MERELY A MOVIE.  Can’t movies penetrate into our reality though?  Can they not impact us enough to move us toward changing our minds?  What do we do about our anger?  What if our children and grandchildren are angry?  I PROPOSE THAT WE ARE ALL ANGRY, in 3 ways:

1) Angry with ourselves.  I think we loath ourselves.  We are so angry for existing and choosing poorly over and over again.

2) Angry with the world around us.  Aren’t we?  Angry with the people who are stupider than we are? Angry at the folks who are more selfish than we are?  Angry, angry, angry!

3) Angry with God.  Whether we believe in God or not we are angry with HIM.  Because we are who we are, and people are who they are, and He is in control and He won’t do anything about any of it!

AHHHHHHHHHHH!  What is anger?

This morning on our way to church after seeing Kingsmen, The Secret Service, the evening before I told my husband I felt as though I needed a soul-cleansing.  Listen to these words:

Dark is the stain that we cannot hide-

What can avail to wash it away?

Look! There is flowing a crimson tide;

Whiter than snow you may be today.

Grace, grace, God’s grace, grace that will pardon and cleanse within!

Grace, grace, God’s grace, grace that is greater than all our sin!

Keep an eye out for more on our anger.  I will process some more and maybe God will help us all.

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