For those moving Onward into New Territory in Life

The following pages are set up to be a published devotional for those moving on to college. Such a harrowing experience!

My hope is that these devotions will encourage you to move forward in your relationship with God. Former students often ask me, “Fergus, how do I stay connected to God outside of Briarcrest?” These devotions are created with this connection in mind.

The first way to stay in relationship with God is to talk to Him. Pray without ceasing.

Secondly, care about all He wants to say to YOU! Read His letter, the Bible. He cares for you. The people around you will make fun of you for devoting yourself. Do you care? You may… Before you toss God over for something else, look at the things that those who chide you are they themselves devoted to. A boy? A girl? Pleasure… Constant pleasure? Success? How will you determine that to which you will devote yourself? Will you allow your flesh to bully you?

The flesh, our ego, our desires, our determinations are often those things that bully us the most. So, determine differently. Let us go on a journey to devote ourselves to God together. Read the weeks devotion EVERY MORNING. Do it before you visit the potty, before you get your juice or coffee. Don’t make excuses. Just Devote yourself to it.