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That is me, Jennifer (Jenna) Fergus, th kid in the red dress hanging onto daddy as though my life depended on it. The Rambler is a 1950 something model and we look like the typical “cool family” from the 1960’s. But, family isn’t what it seems in a picture.

Life is so funny and mostly difficult. We really can’t expect pictures to represent the fullness of truthful experience for each person depicted. However, photos can communicate more than we would sometimes think. Look carefully and you will see who is holding whom and facial expressions which reveal underlying emotions. We all struggle to be ok in a world that isn’t ok.

The reason for the Mind Over Things That Matter blog is to publicly electronically untangle the thoughts we have while we try to live in a flawed world. Every member of my family struggled with mental and emotional anomalies of one kind or another at one time or another. Thus, my curiosity regarding the power of changing our minds about stuff, so we can surpass survival and live an abundant life.

4 responses to “About”

  1. Maggie Russell Avatar
    Maggie Russell

    You are so thoughtful and your work helps me. Thank you.

    1. Mind Over Things That Matter Avatar
      Mind Over Things That Matter

      Tit for tat, baby! Hope you will follow my blog. It is the precursor to the book. Your words, personal wrestling and friendship have given me the curiosity AND courage to move forward. Thanks for your comment!

  2. So very well said, Jenna. And I plan to follow your blog until _____?

    1. Mind Over Things That Matter Avatar
      Mind Over Things That Matter

      Thank you for your support! My hope is that this blog will lead to the publication of a book. Your support is so important to that end.

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