Week #2 Our Father 🙀

For this devotional series we are going to meditate on the prayer Jesus taught His disciples. We will begin with a thought about Fathers.

What does it mean for God in Heaven to be our Father? What does it mean to be able to turn to an all powerful being to “be OK”?

Mixed Media_With Daddy #!_Streeter_12
Art by Nicole Streeter 2011

While there on your knees image yourself as a parent.  What kind of parent will you be? When a parent looks down at a helpless baby they want to protect it. But when an earthly father looks at a child as it grows, it gets more complicated. For instance can you see how your dad views you? Are you rebellious? Does he know you?

With our Heavenly Father we don’t even need to think about such things. We just know he knows our inward thoughts. We know He will not be self-centered about us. He always has our best in His mind. He has the wisdom to know what we need. Let’s pray yesterday’s Psalm again today. Allow the fact that your Heavenly Father knows what you need to bring you to a place to ask Him for it with Boldness.

Psalm 118:1 -9

1 Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;
His faithful love endures forever.
2 Let Israel say,
“His faithful love endures forever.”
3 Let the house of Aaron say,
“His faithful love endures forever.”
4 Let those who fear the Lord say,
“His faithful love endures forever.”

5 I called to the Lord in distress;
the Lord answered me
and put me in a spacious place.[a]
6 The Lord is for me; I will not be afraid.
What can man do to me?
7 The Lord is my helper,
Therefore, I will look in triumph on those who hate me.

8 It is better to take refuge in the Lord
than to trust in man.
9 It is better to take refuge in the Lord
than to trust in nobles.

Father, we love you. May you fill our day with your presence. 

For further study look at this blog by Vince Antonucci at City on a Hill

This Week-

Mixed Media_With Daddy #!_Streeter_12M: Read the devotion.

T: Read the scripture again. Consider God’s most important characteristic to you. In this Psalm, what is God like as a dad?

W: Read the Psalm again. Close your eyes. What separates you from your earthly Father? Is there anything for which God is convicting you? Ask God to forgive you. Ask your father to forgive you.

Th: Read the devotion again. Pray to God for a way to know Him as your Father today. Ask your Good Father for all that you need.

F: Write in a journal the things you have changed your mind about God. In what ways is it different to think about your Father in Heaven?

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