Literally, Serving for Jesus

Forgive me! My daughter-in-love, Brandie, told me that if I blog people expect content. 6 weeks have gone by without a word from me on MindOverThingsThatMatter.

Funny story… while lying about on the sofa watching of all shows, Yellowstone, I applied for a server job. Yes indeed. Retired school teacher me got a real job. Working with real people. And I love it!


The people I work with are a joy. The customers I serve are a JOY! The food I serve is delicious and working just enough has helped me be fully alive. When I was interviewing with several of the managers, Hunter, back of house manager and an encouraging brilliant young man asked me, “Jenna, what has been your favorite job?” Without a beat I admitted I loved serving food to hungry people.

So, there you have it… This is the reason I have not written in a hot minute. Stay tuned! There is an event coming up this Thursday with 1st Evangelical Church at Dixon Museum.

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