Post is on a separate page

Figured it out. This  page 🙂 will lead you to the newest page as a link.

Click the word: page and it will take you to the newest writing.

Mary Lynne Rote, thanks for caring and wanting to read the blog. You bless me!

2 responses to “Post is on a separate page”

  1. If you do figure it out, maybe those of us who are equally tech-challenged will figure out how to follow you to the next page…we can’t wait.

    1. Mind Over Things That Matter Avatar
      Mind Over Things That Matter

      Hmmmm. Well, every time I post it should show up in your email. When it showed up there, I THINK, it should have a link to the new page. I am so new at this part that I am getting a little frustrated. I may have to go with a different blog provider. Your comment has helped me. Let me know if you received the notification in your email, Mary Lynne. Please. And thanks for watching! Reading! for just paying attention.

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